The policy of LED industry market segments to continue blessing

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LED support policy in China
February 2013, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology and other six ministries issued the semiconductor lighting energy saving industry planning, the planning target: LED chip localization rate of more than 80%, silicon based LED chip to achieve an important breakthrough. The luminous efficiency and quality of the core device can reach the advanced level of the international advanced level in the same period; large equipment MOCVD, key raw materials to achieve localization, detection equipment localization rate of more than 70%.
LED lighting industry reshuffle accelerated
According to the prospective industry research institute "Chinese LED industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report" shows, from January 2016 to June, the light emitting diode (LED) industry completed a total production of 296 billion 292 million, an increase of 19.21%. Among them, June to complete the production of 60 billion 197 million, an increase of 26.12%, the market showed signs of recovery at the same time, a Zhongzhou photoelectric lighting, and many other well-known enterprises to close the message as a pot of cold water poured over.
Obviously, in the popularity of LED lighting industry and the integration process, leading enterprises HENGQIANG trend more apparent, more the lack of advantage of the small and medium-sized enterprises will disappear.
The industry in market segments
he future of the market will be more mature, professional, focused on large enterprises. At present, the LED on the middle and lower reaches of the market has long formed a listed company based market structure. In 2016, China's LED packaging industry focused on rapid upgrade, turnover of more than 1 billion yuan to become the symbol of the package leader.
In order to avoid blind price competition, many companies have moved to market segments and its popularization. Taiwan LED enterprises in this area is particularly prominent, speed up the transformation, collective enterprises will be four yuan LED, automotive electronics, lighting, medical lighting plants and other special lighting focus, to avoid competition in the red sea blue LED.
In short, LED lighting enterprises in the future to eat a piece of cake market, also need to continue to strengthen the technical research and development and technical reserves, the sense of good quality, good reputation, won the user affirmation.