The development prospect of advertising light box

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With the development of economy, the future of China's light box lighting power saving market is broad, not only contains a huge business opportunities, but also has a huge potential for energy saving.
The investigation and assessment of energy efficiency investment Specialized Committee Chinese energy research results show that China's lighting industry growth rate is very rapid, the average annual growth rate of up to 30%, and the annual growth rate increased. Is expected that by 2015, China's light box lighting power consumption will be based on the growth of 10 times in 2006, reaching 67 billion 900 million KWh, equivalent to 24 million standard coal. At the same time, the proportion of light boxes accounted for all lighting power consumption will increase from 1.8% in 2006 to 5.4%. With the rapid development of China's advertising industry, light box lighting industry is bound to become a field of lighting can not be ignored.
1) China light box industry is in the process of changing from disorder to order.
In recent years, China's light box industry is developing rapidly, the production capacity of high-speed expansion, many manufacturers have entered the industry. In this context, at the same time for the human cost considerations, some of the old box manufacturers in South Korea Europe and even have to cut or stop production, provide favorable conditions for the Chinese box adjacent enterprises accounted for the share of the international market. But because of the industry production enterprises in the private and individual industry, industry supervision and self-discipline system and orderly competition order has not yet formed at present, China light industry is currently in transition disorder to orderly development.
2) technology development direction of light box: energy saving, environmental protection, green
China is a big energy consuming country, at present, China's power supply is tight, so the technology development of light box must first change the light source. Light source with low energy consumption and environmental protection. LED lamp light source in the light box on the use of it is imperative, unfortunately, the cost of LED light high cost, if the cost of the LED lamp is greatly reduced, and the rise of a reform of the advertising light box.
We believe that the most energy-saving environmental protection of the light box will represent the future development of the mainstream. If the use of solar power in the light guide plate and LED technology, and will not depend on the traditional power supply system and claim system. Power saving, no cable, wire construction, reduce man-made damage to the ring. And the solar energy is absolutely safe, will not cause leakage, electric shock accident, greatly reduce operational risks and security risks.
Solar energy is a green renewable resources, in line with the national emission reduction policies, is the trend of the times, and believe that the application of solar energy technology to the advertising light box industry to provide a bright future.