November LED industry hot events know how much?

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Talking about the recent hot news, of course, not open around the double eleven shopping Carnival referendum this matter, OPPLE to four consecutive impressive results, become a LED industry business model again, really gratifying; commercial sponsorship rises, the Super League "at times" may be completely ended, the Super League for 5 years "mode" will become a "farewell"; Lehman side out of the game, there are rules to aibisen readily, and super company signed a related agreement to become the official supplier; in addition, NVC invested 225 million yuan to buy the LED semiconductor technology; "and Jun Department officially announced in charge of changelight, and the new chairman is only 34 years old, called the" Young Turks "houshengkewei...... More latest LED enterprise information, following please follow the small series to continue to explore.
Aibisen super official supplier
14, Abison announced that it has been involved in the recent Super League Limited liability company on the 2017-2020 Super League LED display official supplier of the game collection project open tender. And on the 11 day and the company signed a "super 2017-2020 Super League stadium LED full-color display the official supplier of sponsorship agreement". Within the term of cooperation aibisen annually to the super company to pay the sponsorship fee of 20 million yuan, 4 years a total of 80 million yuan sponsorship fee.
It is said that although the project need to pay the cost of sponsorship and provide free display equipment, but by means of the project field interests, companies can publish their own advertising, can also be the transfer of rights and interests of third party game. This piece of business income will be included in the scope of the company's business income, with the league's visibility and influence in the international promotion, is expected to have a positive impact on the company's future performance.
NVC purchased LED semiconductor technology
11, an equity transfer agreement, NVC wholly-owned Affiliated Companies Hongkong NVC and the transferor and gold investment limited. The two sides agreed to the sale of gold and investment by the Affiliated Companies to sell the Yao can Holdings Limited (Target Corp) 25% equity. On the day of the announcement, the company holds a 75% stake in the Target Corp. Target Corp holds a series of new generation LED semiconductor technology international patents and 50% stake in Zhongshan nvc.
According to reports, the second acquisition of the tentative price of 225 million yuan. The company's board of Directors believes that the acquisition of Target Corp to enhance the competitiveness of the company, to develop the international market for the company's products, to promote the growth of the company's performance. Acquisition is carried out in accordance with general commercial terms, the terms are fair and reasonable, and in line with the company and its shareholders as a whole.
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