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2020 China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole production value or up to 1 trillion yuan
"The third generation semiconductor materials play a huge role in China's next economic development, especially in the industrial transformation. To actively to the third generation of semiconductor materials and application layout, so that the third generation of semiconductor materials has become a new hot spot for innovation and industrial development in china." Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology Cao Jianlin in November 15th at the thirteenth session of China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum said that China in many fields such as semiconductor lighting, a new generation of mobile communications and is working to promote the new energy power grid, smart grid, rail transportation, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other fields are the biggest market in the world, third the next generation of semiconductor materials should also have the most promising.
According to the director of the national development and Reform Commission, central information secretary for any tree of the said, in order to further optimize and improve the policy environment and the LED lighting industry market environment, the current "development plan" in 13th Five-Year LED lighting industry is researching and developing, and to solicit opinions from the relevant departments, to be released at the end of the year. "The basic measure is that in 2020 China's semiconductor lighting industry overall output value will reach 1 trillion yuan, LED lighting products market share can reach about 60%."
Semiconductor lighting industry support will be overweight
At present, a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is creating new opportunities for the development of history, the environment at home and abroad and profound changes have taken place in the semiconductor lighting industry, and stood in the new historical starting point.
Cao Jianlin said that the world's multi-level, economic globalization, diversification, social information in the development of. Technology has led to the development of intelligent network, intelligent, "Internet +", the sharing of new technologies, new economy, new formats, but also bring a lot of new problems. China is accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, whether it is education, R & D or industry, are faced with great opportunities for development.